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Conditions of Use

Ibex Publishers welcomes book proposals in the subjects we publish. You may make a preliminary inquiry by email, however, the actual submission should be sent by regular mail. We do not return unsolicited submissions.

Please send us:

  • A book prospectus rather than a full-length manuscript. This will allow us to quickly assess our interest in your work.
  • A description of the project, including its purpose, potential audience, scope, contribution to scholarship, and relations to existing literature.
  • A table of contents that provides paragraph-length descriptions of each chapter.
  • Two sample chapters, preferably including an introductory chapter that describes the work as a whole the estimated length and date of completion, number and type of illustrations, if any, as well as any special requirements called for in the preparation and production of your book.
  • Your curriculum vitae or resume.
  • If an expert on the field has already reviewed your manuscript, we would be interested in seeing their comments.


We generally do not publish original poetry or fiction by unknown authors.

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