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“A witty, insightful clash of cultural perspectives.”

-- Kirkus

“Parvin’s dialogues are entertaining and he wisely sticks to a lighthearted take on his two legendary reincarnations.”

-- Publishers Weekly

“… Parvin has written a novel that is worth the strong attention of concerned Americans.”

-- Choice

Manoucher Parvin has written a sensitive and passionate historical novel about Iran’s revolution and revolutionaries. It will surely take its place among the best of third world political literature.”

-- The Guardian

ALETHOPHOBIA revolves around the life of the Iranian-born Professor Pirooz who lives mostly in his own imagination; he is everywhere and yet he is nowhere. He dissimulates and dissimulates, yet loses control of himself and speaks his mind - in spite of his efforts - at all costs. He is a whistle blower with a broken whistle and a broken heart and a broken existence. What is the use of being a Professor if you cannot profess and, worse yet, have to pay lip service to academic freedom in order not to be marginalized?

Alethophobia is eventful, witty and insightful. It is a real story that appears as surreal. How could such events occur on a tranquil university campus in America? How could the love of a gorgeous policewoman and a wondering scientist take root and blossom in such inhospitable soil? The story has many stunning turns and twists inducing laughter and tears.


MANOUCHER PARVIN, a polymath, has published novels, poems, short-stories and numerous works in various fields of sciences. His novels: Cry for my Revolution, Iran; and Avicenna and I, the Journey of Spirits now reprinted, and the novel-in-verse, Dardedel: Rumi, Hafez, and Love in New York have been acclaimed by reviewers. Alethophobia is his fourth novel. His fifth novel, Gray Matters, is forthcoming. He has been active all his adult life for causes such as human-rights, the environment, and democracy. Professor Parvin has served as a television and radio commentator here and abroad and has lectured around the world. He is active in various sports, is a chess addict and not such a bad cook to boot!

The author has been lucky to have become prepared for writing Alethophobia by an overall unique experience in the American educational system. This includes several years of teaching at Columbia University; Hunter College in New York City; Fordham University; a very big State University in Ohio, the University of Akron and Emory University. The author has also taught at Barnard School for Boys in the Bronx, and, as a single parent nursed his son, now Dr. Mark Parvin, through the suburban public school system in Ohio.

Manoucher Parvin welcomes anyone who wishes to contact him. He may be contacted at mparvin@adelphia.net.

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