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Out of the Gray: A Concerto for Neurons and Synapses

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This is a saga of an unusual love story between a gorgeous neuroscientist and a social scientist who feverishly tries to master neuroscience before he loses his mind to an early dementia. The novel explores the mind, consciousness, conscience, memory, biochemistry of love, and happiness, sexuality in all its manifestations in nature, mental illness, and the relationship between the artificial and biological consciousness.

The origin of God in human mind is explored to the delight of believers and none-believers alike. The wit embedded in exhilarations, the anxieties and the gloom of characters will induce even a reader with a heart of stone, to laugh and/or to shed tears. Juices of life will flow Out of the Gray and ferment into a cosmic cocktail.

Manoucher ParvinAUTHOR

Manoucher Parvin, widely regarded as a polymath, has published novels, poems, short-stories and numerous works in various fields of sciences. His novels: Cry for My Revolution, Iran; and Avicenna and I, the Journey of Spirits  now reprinted, and the novel-in-verse, Dardedel: Rumi, Hafez, and Love in New York have been acclaimed by reviewers. Alethophobia was his fourth novel. He has been active all his adult life for causes such as human-rights, the environment, and democracy. Professor Parvin has served as a television and radio commentator here and abroad and has lectured around the world. He is active in various sports, is a chess addict and not such a bad cook to boot!



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