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A Glimpse at Persian History [Persian Language]

Negahi beh Gusheh-hayi azTarikh-e Iran
Badri Atabai
ISBN: 0-936347-88-0
Format: Softcover
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Publication Date: 01/01/1997
Pages: 282
Language: Persian


A GLIMPSE AT IRANIAN HISTORY includes fourty-nine articles by Badri Atabai. The articles cover general Iranian history and biography. The chapters are as follows:




The Aryan and Iranian Tribes

The Persian Achaemenids

Alexander the Macedonian and his Successors

The Parthians

The Sassanids

A Review of Aspects of Iranian History after the Advent of Islam

The Taherids

The Saffarids

The Samanids

The ‘Alids of Tabarestan

The Ziyarids of Daylam

The Buyids of Daylam

The Ghaznavids

The Seljuqs

The Atabegs

The Khwarazm-Shahs

The Mongol Sedition

The Mongol Il-Khanids

The Timurids of Gorgan

Qara Qoyunlu and Aq Qoyunlu Turkmens

The Safavids

Shah Tahmasp I

Shah Isma’il II

Shah ‘Abbas the Great

Civil Activities During the Safavid Period

Court Pastimes of the Safavid Period

Nader Shah Afshar

The Zand Dynasty

The Qajar Dynasty

Fath-Ali Shah Qajar

Abbas Mirza, Crown Prince

Mohammad Shah Qajar

Nassereddin Shah Qajar

Mirza Taghi Khan Amir Kabir

Mozzafareddin Shah Qajar

The Constitutional Movement

The Compiling of the Constitution

The Convening of the Temporary Parliament

Mohammad-Ali Shah Qajar

The Movement of the Iranian People

Ahmad Shah Qajar

The Fall of the Qajar Government

Events Worthy of Attention of the Qajar Period

Art Works of the Qajar Period

Transformation of Persian Prose in the Constitutional Movement

The Writings of Mirza Abol Qassem Qa’em Maqam

The Role of Iranian Women in the Constitutional Revolution

The National Historical Unity of Iran

Appendix: A Review of the Course of Creation and Change of the Art of Miniature Painting



The author of over sixteen books BADRI ATABAI was the head of the Imperial Library in Iran until the 1979 Revolution. She also taught Persian, Iranian history and library science at various universities in Egypt. She presently lives in the Washington DC area.



MAHMUD GUDARZI is a writer and journalist living in the Washington DC area.

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