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The Wit and Wisdom of Three Worlds

A Bilingual Collection of Popular Persian, Judaic and Western Proverbs and Expressions arranged by Theme
Homayoon Aram
Format: Hardcover
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Publication Date: 11/01/2008
Pages: 358

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THE WIT AND WISDOM OF THREE WORLDS is a unique collection of proverbs and sayings from Persian, Jewish and Western culture. Homayoon Aram, being an Iranian of Jewish faith living in the United States is uniquely qualified to present the subject.

He has selected about 4,000 proverbs and sayings from the world of Persian, Judaic and Western literature and has divided them into 129 diverse topics such as love, courage, charity, luck and war. The proverbs come from various sources: the Bible; the Talmud; sayings attributed to historic personalities; classic literature and modern literature. Some of the wisdom is oral and has been passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation.

English proverbs are given and accompanied by their closest Persian equivalents. This collection makes the reader aware of the similarities of these apparently dissimilar cultures. Differences in culture can also be noticed. As one proverb states: “No like is the same.”


DR. HOMAYOON ARAM was born in 1935 in Haftkel-Ramhormoz, a small town in South-Western Iran. He has studied both in Iran and the United States. He has published more than forty articles in both English and Persian. In addition to proverbs, he has done extensive research in theology; monotheistic religions; medicine and classical music.

 He is married with six children-three sons, and three daughters-and presently lives in Massachusetts.


I thank Homayoon Aram for creating this instructive and stimulating book; a handy reference work for the study of Persian and English proverbs.

--Professor Farhang Mehr

I warmly congratulate Dr. Aram for the scholarship, erudition and diligence displayed in the preparation of this masterful work.

--Rabbi Michael Menitoff


Book is out of print. It is no longer available. The author may have copies. He can be contacted at:


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