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A Literary History of Persia, vol III

The Tartar Dominion (1265-1502)
Edward G. Browne
ISBN: 0-936347-64-3
Format: Hardcover
Trim: 5½ x 8½ inches
Publication Date: 01/01/1997
Pages: 602
Language: English



The classic work on the subject, A Literary History of Persia is still the standard work in the English language on the history of Persia and Persian literature. It spans four volumes (2,256 pages) and took about twenty-five years to write. Although it concentrates on Persian literature, it also surveys all aspects of Persian culture from Iranian pre-history to the twentieth century.

This edition is bound in a reinforced cloth cover in four volumes as in the original edition. Professor J.T.P De Bruijn of the University of Leiden has written a new introduction.

The remarkable freshness and liveliness of Browne’s prose will astonish readers. In addition to being a work of reference it is a book which may be read strictly for pleasure. J.T.P. De Bruijn’s new introduction surveys the history, significance and continued value of the work.


… this work … could in the eyes of the Anglo-Saxon world with full right be judged and evaluated as a standard work.

— Franz Babinger

One feature of his work that has definitely withstood the test of time remains to be mentioned: the translations. A Literary History of Persia abounds with specimens of his great skill in rendering Persian poetry into English verse which, though marked by the translator’s period in style and wording, are still extremely readable and provide as true an impression of the originals as this is possible at all. By this he has best succeeded in the ultimate aim of his lifework: to act as an intermediary between the great culture of Persia and a modern readership.

— H.T.P De Bruijn (from the introduction)


A complete detailed listing of the contents is in the description of the four volume set.


EDWARD GRANVILLE BROWNE (1862-1926) needs no introduction to those interested in Iran, Persian literature, Iranian history, Babism, Baha'ism or Sufism. He taught at Cambridge University and may be considered as the creator of what is now known as Iranian studies. A Literary History of Persia is his most important work.

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